What the hell happened to Pokerstars? A small rant from a previous rec player.

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So I’ve been an on and off rec player for many years but haven’t really played at all in a couple of years and decided to finally just deposit some money in and play to pass some time during the pandemic. I’ve preferred 888 for years but finally took the plunge back in to Pokerstars (I don’t think I’ve played on the site since 2014/5) and what the hell happened?! It used to be the primo site with the most superior software.So nowerdays, I know the rake is really bad and the rewards are just pants but I’m not planning to grind and grind on the site. Honestly, it’s some fun and hopefully a payout at the end. But like, the software feels really really old now for one. It’s pretty much as I remember it over 7 – 8 years ago. I’m playing on a pretty powerful laptop and it felt really stuttery. But that can be forgiven if the games are fun but I thought I was going crazy at how fast it was compared to how I remember. I checked to see if I was playing on a fast table or whatever but they disappeared. Then when searching online I realised I wasn’t crazy and they reduced decision time by a pretty big margin!As a rec player, playing on two tables is my comfort zone and it was crazy stressful with those decision times. The game moves SO FAST. Add in the old feeling stuttery software, it was incredibly hard to follow whats going on. Like once the hand ends, its hard to track who won, with what hand and how much and before I’ve even taken a look in the previous hand function, I get the make a decision alarm and by the time I get a chance to check the table to decide whether to bet / raise. I’m already nearly at time. And that alarm goes off ALL THE TIME.My first session on Pokerstars was still pretty good as I came away with + 1.5 Buy Ins but it felt like really hard work to just try and keep up and not risk folding hands from not deciding fast enough. 888’s new software felt great and flowed at a good speed. Think this will be my site going forward again which is a shame because Pokerstars has got the traffic, just none of the fun.TL;DR Stars too fast. Not fun. Prefer 888 going forward. Fold pre. etc

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